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Insane lifts & Damage - Glasshouse Mountains Madness

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Mud so deep it gives the Dirty 30 a whole new meaning. Ruts so gnarly they’ll snap an axle in two – ask us how we know. Hill climbs so steep you’ll need a worked V8 Cruiser with plenty of right boot just to get to the top – good thing we brought one! Welcome to the Glass House Mountains…

This episode of 4WD Action DVD we’re back in the Sunshine State. Except, we’re in mountains so wild and overgrown that the sunshine never makes it down to the tracks, which is why the mud in these parts is famous across the country. Join Graham in Project GU, Shauno in the Dirty 30, Justin from NQ Crash & 4WD Spares in his freshly powered-up big GU ute, and Pete from Diesel Fit in Toowoomba, with a 76 Series that sounds so mean it’ll haunt your dreams (seriously, it’ll be echoing in your head long after the DVD is done).

Described as the Coffs Harbour of QLD, this seriously-fun local low-range adventure will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about QLD’s toughest tracks. With plenty of wheel lifts,
recoveries, bush mechanics, laughs, and a campfire cook-up that’s fancier than a LandCruiser with a working hand brake, this DVD is so dirty you’ll feel like washing your 4WD after watching it!

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