Travels In Tumblr Space- 23 #Pride Month

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Tumblr is a crazy place. I fully expected another round of Cisphobia. To my delight there was hardly any of it.

Still there was plenty of silly fan shipping, missexualizing and other head cannon madness. There was a little bit of straight hate, nasty behavior and eye rolling crap.

If I wasn't clear at the outset of the video; I have no issue with homosexuality or gay people. heck I'm mostly indifferent to the alphabet soup that's been added on .. I feel more sorry for the old school LGBT people who have struggled through actual hard times.

And now they have to share a reputation with these looneys.

It's almost cartoonish.


My final rant is all about accepting the good and bad of being a freak, a weirdo.. something Abby-normal. You can't seperate the two.

No one deserves hate but no one owes you jack shit.

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